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Sunday, October 1, 11:30am: Rama Mata, President of the Temple of Cosmic Religion in Bangalore, India, will speak on spirituality, as part of her 3-day visit to Ojai. This event is organized by Art Tarbi.

Monday, October 2, 7pm: 'Feel Great, Look Great!' with Julie Freeman
, integrative nutritionist. Attend this program to engage in cutting-edge nutritional science, while also listening to the ancient wisdom of the body. This will be a fun event combining science, art, wisdom and food! $10 per person. Part of the Local Speaker Series.

Thursday, October 12, 7pm: Oceans in Peril with John Roulac
, founder of Nutiva. Roulac has been active in environmentalism since the 1990s. He helped jumpstart the modern home-composting movement, has written four books on environmental topics, and has founded five nonprofit ecological groups. In 2012 he founded GMO Inside, a group dedicated to educating people on the dangers of GMO foods. In this talk he will discuss what we can do to save our oceans, including soil carbon sequestration, marine permaculture and kelp restoration. $10 per person. Part of the Environmental Series.

Thursday, October 19, 7pm: The Grass Flute Zen Master with Arthur Braverman
, author and Zen Buddhist practitioner. Braverman will present his book on Zen master Sodo Yokoyama and Zen meditation. Yokoyama is known as the Grass Flute Zen Master because, when asked, he would pick a leaf, hold it to his lower lip, and play a little tune. Braverman will talk about this happy Zen-man, will show slides of him, and will play a recording of one of the master's grass flute compositions. $10 per person.

Saturday, October 21, 1pm: Ojai Healing Essentials for Women's Health with Pat Wing
, aromatherapist. $15 per person, to register contact Pat: 805-646-0655 or pwing@thacher.org. For more info visit www.ojaihealingessentials.com. This event is organized by Pat Wing.

November 17, 6:30pm: Storytelling with Karen Banfield,
storyteller and healer. For more info visit www.karenbanfield.me. This event is organized by Karen Banfield.

December 7, 7pm: '10TRAITS: Experience The Power Within You' with Alexia Parks
, leadership mentor.

December 10, 6-9pm: 24th Anniversary Celebration of The Ojai Retreat
. For details see next newsletter.

Other events in Ojai

October 14-16:
Ojai Studio Artists Tour www.ojaistudioartists.org
October 14-15: Ojai Art Detour www.ojaiartdetour.com
October 21: Ojai Day www.ojaiday.com
November 19: 'Tourism in the Ojai Valley,' organized by Ojai Chautauqua www.ojaichautauqua.org. The event will be held at Matilija Auditorium and followed by a reception at The Ojai Retreat.
November 2-12: Ojai Film Festival www.ojaifilmfestival.com
November 11-12: Ojai WordFest www.ojaiwordfest.wordpress.com

Events are organized by The Ojai Retreat Education Center, a non-profit and tax-exempt organization, 501 (c) (3)
The Ojai Retreat: 160 Besant Road • Ojai, California 93023
Phone: 805.646.2536 • Fax: 805.646.0075
Email: info@OjaiRetreat.org