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Thursday, March 9, 3pm – 5pm: Non-Violence: Practical Possibility or Pipe Dream?
An informative lecture by Bill Garlington, Ph.D. The discussion will begin with a brief examination of theories that attempt to explain the genesis of human violence. It will then turn to an examination of the philosophical foundations of non-violent implementation (Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Abdul Ghaffar Khan). It will conclude with a discussion of the practical possibilities and challenges of a non-violent approach to conflict. Sponsored by the Ojai Festival Women's Committee. $25 per person, visit http://bit.ly/ojai-garlington to book tickets. This is a fundraiser for the Ojai Music Festival.

Sunday, March 19, 2pm – 5pm: A Pathway to Restoration and Mind-Body-Spirit Victorious Living.
A pictorial workshop with Cara Savanna (BAS, MACL). Cara will share her amazing testimony of Rescue, Recovery, and Advancement. When abuse unraveled her life, Cara struggled in Hollywood as a troubled teen mom. Then real-life miracles swept her into a brand new and wholesome life, spirit & soul & body. This powerful 1960's story sets the stage for others to receive their own miracles, as testified by numerous others over 16 years. For advanced reservations email info@ojairetreat.com. $20 (or $15 for seniors and students); $25 at the door. For more details, contact Cara at keysretreat@yahoo.com.

Saturday, March 25, 1pm – 4pm: Aromatherapy Workshop with Patricia Wing, RN, IAC.
Contact Patricia at (805) 646-0655 or pwing@thacher.org for details.

Thursday, March 30, 3:30pm: Live Your Best Life From the Inside Out, a workshop with Alexia Parks.
Alexia is a brilliant thoughtleader and CEO of Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute, the first and only model of leadership based on the mindful, compassionate, diplomatic female brain. Discover and learn how to fully express your true nature by learning about the 10TRAITS—10 truths about the female brain that will forever change your world. Sponsored by the Ojai Festival Women's Committee. $25 per person, visit www.ojaifestival.org/live-best-life-inside to book tickets. This is a fundraiser for the Ojai Music Festival.


  • Sunday, April 9, 5pm – 6:30pm: Inauguration of the Main House Patio. Free event. Wine and cheese.
  • Monday, April 24 - Saturday, April 29: 'The Art of Living' with Professor P. Krishna.
  • Monday, April 24, 7pm: 'The Art of Living,' a talk by Prof. Krishna.
  • Tuesday, April 25, 7pm: 'The Teachings of J. Krishnamurti,' a dialogue between Prof. Krishna and David Moody.
  • Wednesday, April 26, 7pm: 'Education for transformation,' a talk by Prof. Krishna.
  • Thursday, April 27, 7pm: 'Buddha's Realization and Krishnamurti's Insight,' a dialogue between Professor Krishna and Michael Mendizza, author of the book Always Awakening, Buddha's Realization and Krishnamurti's Insight. A book signing will follow the event.
  • Friday, April 28, 7pm: 'Love, Cooperation, and the Art of Relationship,' a talk by Prof. Krishna. Dialogues with Professor Krishna will be held in the mornings (Tuesday-Saturday) from 11am-12:30pm. The topics of these dialogues will be those of the preceding evening's presentation, or on any topic related to Professor Krishna's book A Jewel on a Silver Platter: Remembering J. Krishnamurti.

$10 per evening presentation. Morning dialogues are free. Pre-registration recommended, please email info@ojairetreat.com

Events are organized by The Ojai Retreat Education Center, a non-profit and tax-exempt organization, 501 (c) (3)

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